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Tole & Decorative Painting as defined by the Society of Decorative Painters

Tole Painting is the term historically used for decorative painting on tin surfaces. Tole Painting was brought to America by early settlers, especially those in New England, and the Pennsylvania Germans. As the needs changed, so did tole painting, with new surfaces and techniques. This started the evolution of the art of decorative painting. Decorative painting techniques are a mixture of tole painting, fine art and home decorating. It is described by the society of Decorative Painters as a "diverse art form that utilizes a variety of techniques to decorate both functional and non-functional surfaces" The surfaces limited only by the painter's imagination.

The scope of contemporary painting is boundless, incorporating styles and techniques from the past, and adapting these trends and materials into the present. Today, contemporary decorative includes many early decorative painting skills such as stenciling, bronzing, gold leafing, country painting, and faux finishes and newer techniques such as glass, tile, and fabric painting.

About Yankee Heritage Tole

Yankee Heritage Tole Chapter was formed in 1979 and is an affilliated chapter in the Society of Decorative Painters. Membership in the YHT offers the opportunity to be a part of an artistic group, and to have access to meetings, seminars, and conventions all relating to decorative painting. Members receive the YHT newsletter Yankee Tole Crier which contains interesting articles, local event information and other items of interest.


Yankee Heritage Tole Chapter

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